A Reintroduction, or Hello, Nice to Meet You

Hello Friends!

I did a little thinking recently, and I realized I have NEVER written a blog post for MY company’s blog… umbers. Let’s fix that. Hopefully, (fingers crossed) this becomes a regular thing, but to start I figure a simple introduction is in order.

My name is Andrea. My parents told me once that they almost named me Crystal, and I do wonder if “Crystal’s” life would have been different than mine. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My family moved here when I was in middle school from gorgeous Central Coast California. It was a reallyrough transition and it took me a looooooong time to fall in love with the dry, high desert of the 505. I am married to Sean (the other half of Drishti) and I don’t know how I got so damn lucky. We share our home with a cat and two dogs, all three of which have appeared in our social media posts. That will never stop. I teach yoga every Wednesday at 3B Yoga NM. Richard, one of my dogs, teaches also. That makes me so happy! This business, Drishti Handmade, all started after my Yoga Teacher Training. I, actually attended the University of New Mexico and left with a degree in Fine Arts, my concentration was in painting. But after graduation, I followed a series of impulses (Sean does say that I am “fast and loose” with decisions) that put me on this path of jewelry making and yoga that evolved into Drishti. Here I am, almost five years later. Sean and I are working at Drishti Handmade full time, and who knows how the story will end.

So, without writing a complete autobiography, here are a couple little things about me:

  1. Oprah and I must be the same, because I LOVE bread. I just started making sourdough from my own starter, and it is a way of life. Let’s see how long it lasts.
  2. Epsom salt baths are a necessity. I just started running and weightlifting, and a hot salt bath after some gentle yoga makes a world of difference.
  3. RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of my favorite shows. As is 30 Rock. Good God, Lemon.
  4. I have a fear of accidentally tripping and falling off of the edge of something high, like the Taos Gorge Bridge. I guess that is a fear of heights?
  5. I am extremely dog oriented.
  6. I worry about living up to my full potential. But, who doesn’t?
  7. One day, I would love to have an organic vegetable/herb garden and spend my mornings putzing around in it. And I would love to be near the ocean or a big lake.
  8. In middle school I was obsessed with A.J. McLean from the Backstreet Boys.
  9. At one point, I really wanted to be an environmental scientist.

Until next time friends.


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