August - Peridot

Peridot watercolor by Michelle Constantinescu

Peridot is one of two birthstones for August, Spinel being the second. Peridot is so widespread however, this blog will focus on it, rather than Spinel.

One of the few gemstones that only exist in one color, Peridot is said to be the stone of strength and prosperity. Owing is beautiful and vibrant yellow-green color to the amount of iron in this magnesium rich type of olivine. Peridot’s namesake is debated on, most agree it derives from Arabic “faridat” meaning gem.

an assortment of our pieces featuring Peridot

Hawaiians use Peridot to symbolize the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire and lava. Much of the Peridot supply for the world comes from AZ. Often confused with emeralds, the Peridot is called the ‘evening emerald’ as its vibrant color looks great any time of day.

If you are an August baby or just love citrus tones in your jewelry, Peridot is your gemstone!

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