by Hanna Kiess

As people in a busy society, consistency is key. We try creating these habits or routines to have a sense of organization or control. This all ranges from running every other day or going to church once a week or only eating sugar once a month. Anything that you want to keep doing to better yourself. However while this definition of consistency is true, being consistent is also a personality trait. Being a consistent person is also being a trustworthy person because being consistent builds trust. If you’re an inconsistent person, you’re most likely always late, not following through with your word and just traits that lead people to trust you a little less.

I myself am consistently inconsistent. Another word for this is flaky and lately I’ve been flakier than cereal. I am always cancelling on friends because Friends on Netflix just seemed a bit more appealing.  I tell myself I am going to keep my room clean and next thing I know I can’t see the carpet. This has lead to people not trusting my word, and even me not trusting myself. Creating habits amongst the other stressful things we have to deal with like work, school, family, health is so hard. However it is completely possible.

They say it takes 21 days to create or break a habit (and by “they” I mean my dad who read something off the internet). 21 days of being consistent in anything to finally grasp that satisfaction. 21 days of self-love, 21 days of going through with your word, 21 days of healthy habits, 21 days of anything you feel would better yourself can lead you to the pleasure of finally being a better, more consistent version of yourself.

Through the month of December, I decided I would give up coffee. The first week was horrible and the second week wasn’t as enlightening as I thought it would be considering I had Finals for the end of the semester. Despite the fact I’m sipping a caramel macchiato while typing this, I made it through the month and after the third week, I no longer cried while passing the Keurig to get another Ibuprofen. Now it’s February and I no longer rely on coffee to get me through the early school morning and I get an extra 5 minutes of sleep in the morning because I’m not making my to-go cup of coffee.

Maybe your coffee intake is the least of your worries and that’s so okay but I believe starting with the little things like that and actually getting through it can be so satisfying and amazing. Staying consistent with the little things can lead to being a consistent person, friend, co-worker, classmate, anything. That sense of control and trust can bring peace of mind and is a stepping stone to being even more amazing in your eyes than you already are. 21 days of being a consistent person can make you a consistent person.

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