Crystals for the Zodiac

Aries: Jade Ring

Aries passionate pursuit of everything all at once calls for a balancing jade ring. The deep green hues of this stone are just as intense as an Aries themself. Though the jewel is small, it packs a powerful punch.

Taurus: Amazonite Mala

Tauruses are the homebody queens of self-care. Amazonite boosts courage and promotes truth, which is useful for the strong, dependable taurus. Malas are helpful tools when it’s time to unwind and meditate -- which for a taurus is all the time. Yoga flow anybody?

Gemini: Double Chain Necklace

The double chain necklace provides one chain to each half of a whole gemini! So nice you’ll get to decide twice with this customizable piece, and get to choose a stone and a stamp design. Sociable geminis will love this jewelry staple to wear to all their upcoming coffee dates.

Cancer: Moonstone Ring

Cancers will find the moonstone ring to be just as reflective as they are. Moonstone aids in emotional stability, which is good for moody cancers crying over sentimental TV commercials. It’s always #realsadboyhours with this June birthstone.

Leo: Quartz Point Earrings

Ruled by the sun, leos exude confidence, so what better than a series of literal quartz points dangling from both ears? These exuberantly beautiful earrings will help leos continue to flex their beaming radiance on all the other signs.

Virgo: Breathe cuffs

Organized af virgos will love the versatility of a shiny cuff. With a custom message like “just breathe,” virgos can remind themselves to pull their head out of their page long to-do lists and take in all that they’ve accomplished. 

Libra: Birthstone Stud Earrings

How is a libra ever to choose from the variety of stones offered in these circular stud earrings?!

These dignified studs are perfect for the classy and ever curious libra with a heart (and studs) of gold.

Scorpio: Snowflake Obsidian Ear Climbers

Scorpios are equal parts unexpected and alluring, just like snowflake obsidian, which aids in the ability to reach the inner self. These climber earrings are nearly as dark and mysterious as scorpios themselves, and provide the same charismatic intrigue.

Sagitarius: Gold Arrowhead Necklace

Sagittarians are the archer of the zodiac, which is why they always hit their mark. What better way to commemorate an adventurous and vivacious sagitarius than with a gold arrowhead necklace? With rose quartz to amplify self love, a sagittarian will always be on point.

Capricorn: Hammered Cuff Bracelet

Capricorns know what they’re about, and so do these hammered cuffs. Caps mean business and this is a surefire way to show it. These come in a variety of metal options that are somehow subtle and bold at the same time? Sounds about right for a capricorn.

Aquarius: Peacock Ore Bracelet

The peacock ore bracelet is the perfect adornment for the eccentric and inquisitive aquarian, looking for a conversation starter. Aquarians are just as unique and original as the color and shapes of the ore itself. A piece meant to encourage positivity and attention to the present, aquarians will find this bracelet to help ground them.

Pisces: Welo Opal Ring

Creative pisces will get lost in the sea of colors refracted by the welo opal ring. Dreamy and ever changing, the stones will help to transcend reality in true pisces style. Good thing this ring is beautiful in every crevice of the time space continuum! 

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