Diamonds - April Birthstone

Pictured: Herkimer Diamond Gold Ring

We wanted to kick off our birthstone monthly blog with the most baller of stones, diamonds. If you have an April birthday lucky you, diamonds are your birthstone you bougie, upper-crust, 1% having, Bentley driving showoff! Just kidding, Andrea is an April baby so we don’t hate them that much!

You might be asking yourself, how did “they” decide the birthstones and why is July-Ruby the best one? It’s a multi-*faceted* answer so here goes (sorry for that terrible pun).

Pictured: Herkimer Diamond and Hamsa Ring

Some people cite the Bible, specifically Exodus 28 as directions from Moses to some dude named Aaron to make the most pimped-out clothes we can imagine using all 12 birthstones, 2-Chainz should do his next episode of Most Expensivest on that! Sometime after that, two dudes named Flavius and Jerome associated 12 birthstones with the 12 zodiac signs. Then in the early 1900s the Nat’l Association of Jewelers got their best marketing people on the job to firm up the current lineup of birthstones as we know them today. There’s lots of disagreement on exactly which stones go to which month as you can imagine.

Pictured: Herkimer Diamond Ring

Ok so back to diamonds. Everyone knows about diamonds because the super-ethical and super-honest and not-evil at all company De Beers popularized diamonds as an engagement ring at the start of the 20th century because they lowkey had a monopoly on the diamond trade back then. Diamonds are exceptional in their own right however. Possessing many superlative qualities in respects to its hardness, thermal conductivity, and light dispersion, diamonds are mighty minerals.

In regards to the metaphysical side of things, diamonds are a symbol of purity. Diamonds are great vessels and modifiers of energy, holding thoughts and actions then projecting them into the world. Diamonds can project your inner positivity to others around you. Useful at work for a professional atmosphere and bringing abundance.

Pictured: Raw Diamond Gold Ring

Diamonds come in many different colors, shapes, and price points, but if diamonds aren’t your thing, April has two other alternatives: Quartz and Herkimer diamond. You might be saying, ‘but Herkimer diamond are quartz’ and you’d be correct. Herkimer diamonds are really just a very specific type of quartz crystal from Herkimer county in New York state.

Drishti Handmade has pieces with all of the above so whatever flavor of diamond you prefer we have something for you! We hope you join us in next month’s birthstone blog for emerald.

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    Can you purchase your birthstone rings at the Lilly Barack? I don’t know what size I wear.

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