First Blog Post In the beginning Sean made his blogging debut!

Yes this is our first blog post ever! In honor of National Hobby Month we've decided to take you on a brief history of Drishti Handmade. It all started with a hobby you see!

Drishti Handmade was started officially in May 2014, but the story begins long before that, maybe too long for the purposes of this initial blog post so let’s give you the previously on Drishti Handmade in case you missed last week’s episode, wait this is the first episode...nevermind. My wife Andrea Rodgers, founder of Drishti Handmade has been what relatives like to refer to as “artsy-fartsy” for quite some time now. Interested in mixed media from a young age, she got her Fine Arts degree from UNM in 2012 (the year the world was supposed to end remember? Coincidence?) and that’s when the real foundation for Drishti Handmade took place. Andrea loves working with her hands and the small metals course was a natural fit!

Then came yoga! Bit of a segue I know, but let’s see if we can make the *stretch*? Do you get it?! Because yoga has a strong emphasis on flexibility? No?, well you guys are no fun. Anyways, after getting her super useless degree in Fine Arts she went on to something more practical and decided to become a yoga instructor, obviously. All of her chakras were perfectly aligned I guess and she loved it!

Naturally, she combined both yoga and her love of working with small metals and Frankenstein-ed that shit together to create Drishti Handmade! What the heck is a “Drishti” and do you need to refrigerate it, you might ask. 

Drishti is a practice in yoga. In meditation or an asana, drishti is your eye gaze. Usually it is at your fingertips, or off the tip of your nose or at your bellybutton. But drishti can be bigger. My guru told me this. Energy goes where intention flows. So, to me, drishti is the commitment to a goal or a set of ideals.

Could you guys tell Andrea wrote that section? Me neither. I joined the Drish-team in May 2016 after I had an illustrious career in the retail then insurance sector. Andrea mourns the day she accidentally blurted out I should quit my job and work with her, sorry babe but I can wear sweat pants to work and my commute is walking about 15 steps in the morning, there’s no going back for me!

Well that’s the basic premise behind Drishti Handmade, hope you liked the first blog post, there will be more the come!


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