July - Ruby

Ruby watercolor by Michelle Constantinescu

So full disclosure I’m a July baby and even though some of the FACTS on rubies I might present here seem a little biased, I can assure you there are in fact not. Andrea thinks she scored with April – Diamond but she’s grossly misinformed…July babies have the best birthstone, rubies.

Ruby is red gemstone formed from an aluminum oxide in the same family as sapphires. The word “ruby” comes from the Latin ‘ruber’ meaning ‘red’. The red in rubies comes from the element chromium. 

  • Fact #1. Rubies are the most valued gemstone.

Yes, rubies are more valuable than diamonds. Rubies have a long history with mankind and date back to the ancient Hindus as large deposits were discovered in Burma/Myanmar.

  • Fact #2. Ruby in Sanskrit is called “ranaraj” or “King of Gemstones”

This one speaks for itself, King…not Prince, or Duke, or Grand Earl, but King.

  • Fact #3. Rubies are a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale

Only diamonds are harder than rubies, this combined with their fluorescent red makes rubies perfect for many industrial applications like lasers. Lasers are awesome and cool, just like rubies, are you seeing a pattern here?

I wish I could go on but I ran out of cool ruby facts to dazzle you with




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