March - Aquamarine

aquamarine watercolor by Michelle Constantinescu

March is lucky enough to have two birthstones; Aquamarine and Bloodstone. The latter scares us, and we don’t like being scared, so this blog will focus on aquamarine only. Aquamarine is a type of beryl from the Greek beryllos which translates to “precious blue-green color-of-sea-water stone” which sounds like a high schooler trying to hit a word count on an English essay. There are a few different types of beryl like aquamarine, emerald, morganite, and red beryl.

The name “aquamarine” is hopefully painfully obvious as it has a beautiful ocean blue green tint. Long been a symbol of hope, health, and youthful vigor, aquamarine is always a good anniversary gift. Mined primarily in Brazil, aquamarine has been found in deposits all over the world.

Aquamarine a throat chakra stone, helps conquer the fear of public speaking, and is an great stone for teachers and presenters. It calms speakers and transports them to a state of consciousness in which they are aware of their own truths, knowledge and emotions, and allows them to articulate with clarity and steadfastness. It allows speaking with clarity in difficult situations.

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