Mindful Journaling

by Lauren Sarkissian 

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The chaos that is day to day life can distract us from enjoying and acknowledging the present moment. To mitigate and prevent stress that arises from moving too quickly throughout our days, I suggest trying out mindful journaling. Mindfulness is a way to help us slow down, which allows us to reflect and be conscious of the present. As a daily practice, mindful journaling has enabled me to take time to assess how I’m feeling, what I’m grateful for, and moments throughout my day I wish to savor.

For me, an important part of mindful journaling is using materials that feel special. For instance, I like to use a variety of vibrant gel pens to doodle with. Often I will cut and paste things onto the pages as well -- I find using a variety of media can be fun to experiment with!


I love the process of mindful journaling. It gets me out of my own head, and into a meditative place where I feel calm. In order to try and write as frequently as possible, I like to keep things short and sweet. For me, a typical entry might include just positive affirmations, a list of things I’m grateful for, or a short check in.

One of my favorite things to write are positive intentions for myself, because it’s an easy way to create a mindful space for positivity. As a person who struggles with anxiety, the act of writing down positive intentions for myself has helped me create and navigate better thought patterns and coping skills. Sometimes they are detailed and specific, and other times a simple “things will be okay,” is enough for me. You can try experimenting with how thorough you make your intentions, to see what you like best.

The sky is the limit with mindful journaling, and there is no incorrect way to do it! Find yourself a nice journal, some cool pens, and try to set aside a few minutes each day to check in with yourself. This is a large and important proponent of self-care. Not sure how to manifest personal growth? I have found that making the space for self-reflection has largely contributed to the synthesizing of my experiences, even the seemingly irrelevant ones, and helped me to grow.

Lauren is one of our fabulous ambassadors, currently attending UNM, loves photography and plants! You can follow her on Instagram


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