June - Moonstone

June is one of the red-headed stepchildren birth months as it has three birthstones to choose from because it’s spoiled brat who can’t make it’s mind up. Pearl, Alexandrite, (which is a super pretentious name, like we get it, you’re a Russian Czar, does it all have to be about you?) and Moonstone. We will focus on Moonstone as we think it’s the most versatile and most suited for jewelry.

Moonstone watercolor by Michelle Constantinescu 

Moonstone is a type of feldspar, and is named for the flashy, almost opal-like colors and flash when exposed to light. Moonstone occurs naturally and is mined all over the world. The state gemstone of Florida because the moon landings launched from Kennedy Space Center, though none is mined in Florida. Also because visionary director Stanley Kubrick (who staged the moon landings) was partial to this gemstone.

Because Moonstone is so closely related to lunary mystery and magic, some say it is the ultimate fertility crystal as it’s in sync with natural rhythms like the tides. Ancient Romans associated the stone with Diana (Greek - Artemis) as they believed her image was captured in the stone.

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P.S. because its the internet I have to put in plain text the thing about Kubrick was a joke, obviously sarcasm...he isn't a visionary ;)



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