Notes for the Backpacker

by Madi Jensen

B and I are about to embark on our trip! We are calling it our belated honeymoon/two year anniversary trip. Where exactly are we going? Well to find out, you will have to stay tuned to my instagram feed! What I will share with you is that we will be in Europe and we are only taking our backpacks.

To be fair, our bags are smaller hiking packs, larger than your regular school bag. I was searching the net for ideas of what to pack for our two week long adventure. I was able to gather a few ideas, such as, pick a color scheme, keep outfits versatile, and include some basics. Here’s what I have packed in my backpack:

  • travel yoga mat (of course!)
  • two sport bras
  • yoga clothes (a tank and a pair of crops)
  • skinny jeans
  • loose cotton pants
  • linen skirt
  • t-shirt dress
  • 4 tops
  • denim button up
  • hoodie
  • sneakers
  • sandals
  • travel books + yoga text
  • beauty/hygiene supplies
  • electrical adapters
  • selfie stick
  • iwalk (to charge my phone on the go) and phone charger
  • headphones

*the only thing that is not in the picture are my socks and undies. I also packed some swimsuit bottoms that I’ll pair with a sports bra when we take a dip in the Mediterranean.

There you have it! Packing in a backpack is not too bad, you are limited with what you can bring, but there is enough space to make sure you have everything you need plus a little extra! Let me know if you have any packing questions, I have done my fair share of traveling and am always happy to help.



Madi is our latest ambassador and currently a yoga teacher at our favorite 3B Yoga. Click here for more info on, including becoming an ambassador for Drishti Handmade. You can follow Madi on her Instagram 

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