Notes For Waking Up Early From A Girl Who Loves Sleep

by Madi Jensen

I love my sleep, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve also learned to love and feeling of waking up early and enjoying the quiet hours of the morning. Learning to appreciate the mornings and develop a daily habit of rising early has definitely been an evolving process- one I am grateful for, especially because I have a busy schedule. Now I don’t think everyone is a morning person or needs to be. However, if you find yourself with more goals than you have time for and feel like you could use a bit more flexibility in your day, here are some things to consider if you’re trying to wake up early:

  1. Have something to look forwards to. Whether you’re going to the gym, the yoga studio, on a run, meditate, etc. Find your motivation and plan out your mornings.
  2. Prepare the night before. Lay out your clothes, pack your bags, and prep the food you want to have the next day. Waking up earlier is much easier if you have everything ready to go.
  3. Go to bed early enough so you can get enough sleep. Everybody functions differently, but 6-8 hours of sleep makes waking up earlier sustainable.
  4. It takes a couple week to build a habit, but after a few days of consistency, hopefully you start to find a good rhythm.
  5. Create some exceptions for yourself to make sure you are well rested. For example, I let myself sleep in a bit more than usual if I am sick or had one of those nights where sleeping just wasn’t happening. Or, depending on the day, I’ll take a nap. Then on the weekends, I usually sleep in an extra half hour/ hour. 

My favorite time of day is in the early hours of the morning when everything and everyone around me is still sleeping. There’s something about watching the sunrise that is both calming and energizing. All of my good days start with an early morning. My hope is that should a part of you, even if it’s a small part, desire to wake up early, you give it a try and enjoy that sunrise.

Madi is our latest ambassador and currently a yoga teacher at our favorite 3B Yoga. Click here for more info on, including becoming an ambassador for Drishti Handmade. You can follow Madi on her Instagram 

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