by Madi Jensen

Well we are about to fall backwards and by doing so, the Earth will grant us one hour we did not have before. How many times have you wished you had a remote that could stop time? What would you do with that extra time? I’ve wished for more time when I’ve been sleep deprived, studying for an exam, or getting a massage. But what if I prepared myself better for this additional unit of time that is fast approaching?

My list of things to do is already full, I could use this time to cross something off! Or the time could be spent staying up late, justifying that the extra hour is like it never happened and I’ll still get the same amount of sleep. Or time could be spent amongst family and friends.  Time could be spent lighting candles and sipping something warm as I watch out the window. Have you ever watched time?

Time always watches us- as we move through our busy day with our busy schedule, we go from one place to the next, trying not to get caught in traffic, rushing through the grocery store, speeding through papers, not waiting to cook the rice long enough- they say, “We all make time for what is important in our lives.” Which is true, wouldn’t you say? Despite the back-to-back shifts from one job to the next and then the next- I find myself making time for that which I hold most important. Sometimes, it can seem impossible or even impractical to have a life with there being so much to do- but learning to balance our time contributes to our well being.

I feel as if time is watching me scramble in determination, kind of like when I take the clothes out of the dryer, I try to take the load all together, but end up dropping a handful of socks. Then I go back and pick up each sock- why didn’t I just take two smaller trips?  Why do we always try to take in all of the grocery bags from the car at the same time? Instead of all at once, we could make a few short trips back and forth from the car. Time. We are trying to save time but in the end, time remains the same.

We need to be patient with time- what that means to you, is really up for your own interpretation. For me, being patient with time means slowing down and not worrying about the next thing I have to do. My goal this weekend is to stare back at time, and enjoy the quiet hour. What will you do?


Madi Jensen

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