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Crystals for the Zodiac

by Lauren Sarkissian  Aries: Jade Ring Aries passionate pursuit of everything all at once calls for a balancing jade ring. The deep green hues of this stone are just as intense as an Aries themself. Though the jewel is small, it packs a powerful punch. Taurus: Amazonite Mala Tauruses are the homebody queens of self-care. Amazonite boosts courage and promotes truth, which is useful for the strong, dependable taurus. Malas are helpful tools when it’s time to unwind and meditate -- which for a taurus is all the time. Yoga flow anybody? Gemini: Double Chain Necklace The double chain necklace provides one chain to each half of a whole gemini! So nice you’ll get to decide twice with this customizable piece,...

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The Lost Art of the Handwritten Note

by Maria Ortega Do you ever wish that you got less junk mail or just more meaningful items in the mail? Well, for those that know me well know how much I enjoy writing cards. In fact, I have gotten to a point that I am never without a card for a given occasion because I value my card collection so much. I especially enjoy finding unique cards at small local businesses whether it be in Albuquerque or other places that I travel.   To me, card writing to me is therapeutic and I have recently challenged myself to write more cards than I already do for birthdays and other life events. I know how much I enjoy receiving a...

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by Hanna Kiess As people in a busy society, consistency is key. We try creating these habits or routines to have a sense of organization or control. This all ranges from running every other day or going to church once a week or only eating sugar once a month. Anything that you want to keep doing to better yourself. However while this definition of consistency is true, being consistent is also a personality trait. Being a consistent person is also being a trustworthy person because being consistent builds trust. If you’re an inconsistent person, you’re most likely always late, not following through with your word and just traits that lead people to trust you a little less. I myself am...

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