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Last summer, we were able to spend 10 glorious days on the island of Kaua’i, the oldest and most northerly of the Hawaiian Islands. It was an unforgettable, and I know this word gets thrown around a lot but, it was “epic”. Easy to see how people come up with the idea of places being a spiritual vortex, would make the most cynical person humble. Kaua’i is a small island and the scenery can change in the space of a few hundred feet. The Kuhio Highway which is a small two-lane road also serves as the main road or even residential road in some areas. As a result, some mainlanders need a reminder to take it easy on these roads....

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New product, team-ups, and catch ups!

Hey there, been a while since our last blog post! We're still here we promise :) It has been quite the busy last few months for us here at Drishti Handmade. We wanted to catch up with all of our awesome friends and let you guys know some of what we've been working on We love animals so much and are so happy to announce that we have finally launched our hand-stamped Pet ID tags. They have generated some great feedback already. We custom stamp your pet name on one side, and up to 40 characters of love and joy on the reverse. Each one we make is a little insight into a pet's life that is truly blessed. Did I mention we...

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