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Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation

Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, os a meditation technique that literally anyone can do! This guided meditation, is meant to relax the whole self, the emotional body, mental body and physical body. And unlike traditional meditation practices where the body is in a seated asana, nidra is taken lying down in savasana or even in bed. There are so many benefits to the practice, from decreased anxiety,  insomnia relief, and reduced PTSD. So why not do your self some good? Lie back, get comfy and give it a try. 

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Yin Yoga

Just got finished with a wonderful Yin-Yoga workshop yesterday and I am beyond elated! So much gratitude for all the lovely people who showed up. I was a little nervous, ok maybe a lot nervous at the start, and towards the middle...well pretty much through the entire class, but I managed to finish it without any giant gaffs!  The focus of this class was hips since I hear it's the *hip* thing to do these days. I am already in the planning stages of the next class, hopefully sometime in June, and the focus is a secret right now! Maybe if these are aligned from your root to your crown, you'll be able to guess ;) Anyways, here's a playlist...

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