Try Slow

Last summer, we were able to spend 10 glorious days on the island of Kaua’i, the oldest and most northerly of the Hawaiian Islands. It was an unforgettable, and I know this word gets thrown around a lot but, it was “epic”. Easy to see how people come up with the idea of places being a spiritual vortex, would make the most cynical person humble.

Kaua’i is a small island and the scenery can change in the space of a few hundred feet. The Kuhio Highway which is a small two-lane road also serves as the main road or even residential road in some areas. As a result, some mainlanders need a reminder to take it easy on these roads.

Enter the second-best road sign we’ve ever seen. The first was also on this trip as well “One ❤ Bridge”. The sign in question was a red fish with the words “Try Slow” painted on it. To better explain this sign, you have to understand two things: lots of native Hawaiians speak a dialect called pidgin. It’s basically a creole language based on English. Second, “island time” is a real thing and hits you hard, almost as soon as you step off the plane.

Andrea and I love going on road trips, so taking our time in the car and really taking in the scenery is one of our favorite things to do. This sign resonated with us on a deep level and really inspired us during and after our time in Kaua’i. So much so, that we knew we had to put this on something and spread the word! After a few iterations, we present one of our latest yoga-tanks, the Try Slow tank.

We had a basic concept, but our friend and graphic designer Wayne Lawler, designed the shirt, and another friend and screen printer Trevor of Cyclepath Printing, made these wonderful tank tops for us.

We are absolutely in love with this phrase, its simple, memorable, timeless, and versatile, the Try Slow tank, now available and on sale for 20% off! Photos as always by the amazing Isabel Fuentes and modeled by Keely Doherty.


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