Voices of the Now

Yes, here I am. Another child talking to you about the environment. However I’m not here to yell in your face to stop using straws and that change is needed because I think you know this. I’m here to gently tell you that voices matter despite any age. I get it, I’m not going to deny the fact that adults have more experience and input however, kids sure have to grow up fast now. We have been told we have 12 years to cut carbon emissions before global temperature reaches 2° celsius above normal conditions of our earth become worse. This includes rising sea levels, devastating storms and droughts. 12 years to save our only planet. That’s before some of us get married or have kids or start a business or travel the world. Of course we care because it’s our future. 

From when we were children, we have been told we are special and that we can do anything we put our minds to. However, I can’t help but notice when we pursue this we are told we are not old enough. The phrase, “when you grow up” while can be meant to inspire a young mind, actually teaches kids they have to wait to become an adult to change the world. We are witnessing and even living through harsh and fatal conditions and not just with the Earth but with the world. We all are forming opinions and are being told we have to do something but that we can’t yet. “Yet” holds so many brilliant minds back. It’s time for age not to matter and for kids to pursue what they believe in and be encouraged to make a change now. The voices of the future matter in the present too.

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