Yin Yoga

Just got finished with a wonderful Yin-Yoga workshop yesterday and I am beyond elated! So much gratitude for all the lovely people who showed up. I was a little nervous, ok maybe a lot nervous at the start, and towards the middle...well pretty much through the entire class, but I managed to finish it without any giant gaffs! 

The focus of this class was hips since I hear it's the *hip* thing to do these days. I am already in the planning stages of the next class, hopefully sometime in June, and the focus is a secret right now! Maybe if these are aligned from your root to your crown, you'll be able to guess ;)

Anyways, here's a playlist of some cool tracks to do some Yin Yoga to. You'll notice a conspicuous absence of any nature sounds or waves crashing, or any of that typical stuff because BORING! Am I right?

Link to Yin Yoga Playlist  

Until next time! 

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