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Why Set Intentions?

Why Set Intentions? It is important to know what an intention truly is before you can begin to understand why. From the jump you may be like me and confuse an intention with a goal…#wrong. Let’s make that abundantly clear as intentions are not goals Intentions =/= goals Hammered into my brain on a regular basis in business school a goal or objective must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time Sensitive) With intentions however, you are trying to align your life with a PURPOSE or attitude. These cannot be measured or quantified as easily and may seem too abstract at first, but I promise setting an intention is a step towards finding your inner truth. Setting an intention...

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Time and Perception

Logogram from Arrival (2016) What is time? Are there beginnings and endings? Can you trust your memories? If you could see your whole life and all the good and bad things that would happen, would you change any of it? These are questions that are floating around my head as I process one of the most beautifully made films about time and love I have ever seen, Arrival. I won’t get into to much detail if you haven’t seen it, but I was left with a powerful parting thought I would like to share with anyone living in today’s cynical and jaded world; perception.  traditional Japanese ensō Perception is how leaving work on a Friday afternoon can feel so amazing,...

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First Blog Post In the beginning Sean made his blogging debut!

Yes this is our first blog post ever! In honor of National Hobby Month we've decided to take you on a brief history of Drishti Handmade. It all started with a hobby you see! Drishti Handmade was started officially in May 2014, but the story begins long before that, maybe too long for the purposes of this initial blog post so let’s give you the previously on Drishti Handmade in case you missed last week’s episode, wait this is the first episode...nevermind. My wife Andrea Rodgers, founder of Drishti Handmade has been what relatives like to refer to as “artsy-fartsy” for quite some time now. Interested in mixed media from a young age, she got her Fine Arts degree from...

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