Meet our Ambassadors



I am a Desert Baby with a passion for printmaking, yoga, and leaving
this beautiful planet we call a home a little greener and sweeter than
I found it. I make too many smoothies, buy too many houseplants, and
can usually be found in the UNM Art Building or at home with my two
sweet Boxer pups.


Brooklyn raised, french learning, matcha addicted, traveling, horror movie connoisseur; these are some things that make Tyreena the boss babe she is. 💃🏾 Lover of fashion & the arts, her creative mind & style sets her apart which is shown through her aesthetically pleasing Instagram. She hustles her time between school & being a door lady at Sister Bar. If she had any general advice to give, it’d be to ‘Stay gold, Ponyboy.’


Sarah is an plant based runner, weightlifter, and dog petter. Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never met a dog. She spends her time as a manager at lululemon athletica and creating events to celebrate her local community. You’ll find her hashing out big goals and traveling to places known with her mom, Rosemary. Biggest inspiration? Carrie Fisher, whose dog Gary follows her on Instagram. She’s the girl whose favorite color is yellow and her favorite kind of people are dogs... you probably guessed that though. Catch her chasing the sun around the Q and stop by on social media to say “Hi!”.


Hi I’m Abby.
I am an avid traveler, I seek new places to see and learn from. I am happiest near the beach and under the sun. I love reading. Smoothies are my jam! Oh and I love doing yoga. Find me on Instagram


My name is Lauren, and when I grow up I want to do everything. I love Pad Thai, photography, plants, and pathogens. I am a pre-medical student at UNM, studying biology with a minor in chemistry and honors. I love to learn and engage with diverse new ideas, people, and opportunities. I am dedicated to learning, loving, and being authentic in all my pursuits.


As a yoga teacher, It is important to always follow my dristhi. My passion and my purpose.


I’m Monet. I go to UNM and I am studying psychology with a minor in communications. My parents are small business owners, and I also work at a locally owned spa, so I am super excited to be working with such an awesome local company like Drishti Handmade! Meeting new people, dogs, art,  and participating in some cool photo shoots with local photographers are just some of my interests. Find me on Instagram 🌿


Originally from British Columbia, I find comfort in trees and a cup of hot tea. Currently I am living out my dream as a yoga teacher at 3B Yoga, as well as practicing the Ashtanga asanas daily. Why yoga? For once in my life I feel like I am giving back to the body that keeps on giving. Yoga empowers me and I feel more confident after each practice. From yoga, I have learned that my Drishti says it all. Our Drishti determines where we will go, both in yoga and in life. 


my name is kymb; my mind changes about as often as the weather in albuquerque. if a few things are for certain, it's that i enjoy making & consuming coffee, rain on sunny days, spring rolls, and minimising plastic use. x


Interested in becoming an ambassador? We are always on the look for awesome people who love wearing our inspired jewelry and want to share that love with their audience, we want people connected to their community and passionate about following their Drishti. If you're interested in joining our team please send us an email at